13 Steps To Becoming A Virtual Or Real Life Domme

Step 6
Social Media

Create an actionable audience — that is, develop an online community who will create some business benefit for you over time.

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Create A legitimate brand
  • Increase clients
  • Improve customer service
  • Distribute content

What are the best social media platforms? What platforms are "Domme Friendly"?

Changes since the 2014 report show that the order of these top three benefits has remained the same, but each has dropped 1% to 3%, with the exception of improved sales, which increased 1%.

Commonly Used Social Media Platforms

In comparison to last year, Facebook declined from 94% to 93% but remains the most commonly used social media marketing platform, while Twitter dropped from 83% to 79%.

Perhaps surprisingly, Google+ increased by 2%, taking over fourth position, while Instagram climbed to 36% from 28%. YouTube is commonly used by larger businesses (i.e. 71% of businesses with 100 or more employees used YouTube compared to only 38% of the self-employed.) 



Don’t Make These Social Media Mistakes in Business

  • Sending  Automated Direct Messages to Followers
  • Not Leaving Enough Space for Other People to Retweet You
  • Not Posting the Same Things Multiple Times During the Day or Week
  • Talking at People, Not With Them
  • Only Selling Your “Stuff”
May 2024

Your Invited To A Live Free Webinar

Our webinars are focused learning opportunities. They focus on specific topics. Our team has designed the webinars to assist both those just getting started, and those who are looking to better their existing business.  

In a Webinar you can ask your questions and get an answer from an expert. What’s also great is that you might have 50 people attending the Webinar. You can bet one of them has a question you didn’t think of until they asked it. The interactive environment helps everyone learn.

Develop A Business Plan

What services will you offer?
What rates will you charge?
How will your clients find you?

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Protect yourself, your clients
and your content. Keep identity and
financial accounts safe and secure.

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Domain name, Web Hosting, Logo Creation 
Custom Graphics, and Web Design. 

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Live Streaming Video Chat

Provide Live Streaming Pay Per Minute Video Chat. Implement your very own system
or utilize our platform. 
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Payment Processing

Accept Credit Cards, Bill To Phone, Online Checks, Debit Cards, Global Currencies, Bit Coin and More.

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Implement various forms of interaction. Host your own platform
and/or link up with existing sites. 
With like minded individuals. 

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Legitimize Your Reputation

There are many online that are posing to be someone or something they are not.
Ensuring potential clients is key.

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Website Search Engine Optimization,
Meta Tags, Page Titles, Back-links and more. 

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Make It Legal

Being a business owner has it's benefits.
Tax deductions, Travel Perks, Bank Loans
Understand the difference between a servicemark and a trademark. 

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Fetish Knowledge

Fetishes Are Becoming quite endless. Familiarize yourself with different fetishes and get a provide the fetishes that you most feel comfortable offering. 

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Gifts & Tributes

Wishlists, Gift-cards, Peer 2 Peer Payments
ie: google pay/paypal Proceed with caution.
Don't risk loosing your accounts.

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Social Media

Join fin domme, fem domme  circles
and immediatly begin interacting with targeted individuals who share the same interests.
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Time & Effort

Starting any business takes time and effort.
InstaDommes.Com assists by removing the guess work. 
Do it yourself or take advantage of the affordable
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